•    Each contestant must be registered to attend the convention and pay a separate INR 1000 per category plus a refundable security of INR. 1000.

 •   Refundable security will be refunded in full after the competition, only if the contestant takes part in the competition.

 •   There will be a preliminary selection of contestants by a panel of qualified judges prior to the convention on the basis of video submissions.

 •    Contestants should sent CD/DVD copies of video footages of their best performance. This need not necessarily be the show planned for the competition. Such video submissions shall be submitted on or before 31st August, 2014.

 •    Only those selected based on the said selection will be permitted to perform at the convention competition.

 •    The list of selected candidates shall be announced on or before October 15, 2014.

 •    The competition fee and refundable security will be refunded if the competitor is not selected.

 •    The video submission will be viewed only by the jury and will not be used for any other purpose.





•    Competitions will be conducted in the following categories:

      Stage performances (Junior) – Age 10 to 16

      Stage performances (Senior) – Above 16

      Close-up performances (Common) – Age 10 & above

 •   Those participating in Junior category must submit an attested copy of birth certificate with their registration form.





•     A contestant is responsible for his own performance.

•    Contestants may compete in more than one category.

•    A contestant must be available at the venue at least one hour before the competition. He shall complete his preparations and be ready to perform his act at least ten minutes before the scheduled time. The jury may disqualify a contestant who is not ready before the scheduled time.

•    Each contestant can have only one assistant, who ought to be a registered delegate, on the back stage for arrangements.

•    An act begins when the contestant enters the stage or when the music of the act starts, whichever is earlier.

•    A contestant must present a complete act (not a single trick) of at least five minutes and not more than ten minutes.

•    A contestant performing either less than five minutes or more than ten minutes will be disqualified from the competition.

•    Flash paper, flash string and candles will be permitted. Pyrotechnics of any other sort are strictly forbidden.





    One magician will be selected as “CHAMPION OF MAGIC PLANET 2014” and Mega Prize of INR. 2,22,222 will be awarded.

•    In each category two prizes can be awarded by the jury.

•    First prize winner in each category will get a cash award of INR. 22,222 and citation. Second prize winner in each category will get a cash award of INR. 11,111 and citation.

•    The organizing committee is free to institute any additional prizes in any category at any time.

•    The decision of the jury on the conduct and conclusion of the competitions will be final.