It’s going to be a magic festival, reunion of minds carrying magical art and hands holding magic wands!!
Magic fraternities were early looking for an international get together of magicians by the Academy. And now it’s going be a reality. The talented magicians from the whole world will be confederating in this international magic summit named Magic Planet. This action packed, magically drenched and fun filled 3 day mega magic convention will be held at the Magic Planet situated within 75 Acres of the first rated Film and Video park of India, KINFRA.
The three-day event features performances by famous magicians from around the world, with lots of stage shows, close-up shows and magic lectures.
This will be a fair of global magic stars in magicdom displaying their exuberant skills on the 1st of November 2014 the eve of Kerala’s 58th birth anniversary followed by the grand finale of the convention on the 2nd November.
Magic Planet is also devoted to the cause of promoting and preserving the age-old Indian heritage in magical art. The festival will be a refined mix of magic of the present and the past. Premium performances by modern magicians add new dimensions to your imagination whereas traditional street magicians of India carry you to a world beyond imaginations!


With the aim of bridging the gap between native and foreign magic, confluences of magicians are convened frequently by the Magic Academy. Such conventions offer a platform for effective exchange of knowledge between native and foreign performers. With the participation of internationally renowned magic stars, Vismayam 1998, Vismayam 2000, Vismayam 2006 and Vismayam 2008 were successfully organized. The first ever festival of Indian street magicians titled MAZMA, became true on 2005. Besides these, the Academy has convened the world’s first convention of Women magicians, christened ‘Maya 2010’.

Vismayam 1998
The first among the Vismayam series of magical confluences. Held successfully on 8, 9, and 10 May 1998, the event introduced a refreshed style of conducting magic conventions. Street magic demonstrations, competitions and stage magic shows enriched three days of this marvelous festival. The occasion found the emergence of a number of magic stars who are by now magicians of big repute.
Specialty of the event was the demonstration of non-magical wonders that included singing through whistling, memory kid who recollects commendable data in a second’s time and thrashing of marble slabs placed on the belly of a man who lies over bed of sharp nails. A picnic to hill station multiplied the merriment.

Vismayam 2000
Vismayam 2000 concluded as a historic success in the magic history of India. Otherwise, Vismayam 2000 turned to be a trendsetter in conventions. Recharging 23, 24 and 25 December 2005 with the caramel of magic the event was a Christmas gift of surprise for every participant. The occasion saw Fukai Masahiro & Kimiko (Japan) Valerie and Gilles (France) and Jorge Blass (Spain) became the center of attraction besides an array of native magicians. Specialty of the three-day festival was a competition to find the best magic costume and demonstration and sales by ten leading magic dealers.

Festival of Indian street magicians 2005 (MAZMA)
Indian street magicians are guardians to several unexposed routines that have been handed down through generations. From Rope Trick to Green Mango Trick and from Indian Basket to Snake Charming, street magic here has an unusual sheen of enigma embedded in it. Still the state of street magicians has been highly deplorable. Magic Academy has launched a strenuous search to trace these legions and legends connected with them. A regiment of nearly 50 groups of street magicians were salvaged from the filthy streets and were invited to Thiruvananthapuram. Thus the first ever festival of Indian street magicians titled MAZMA, became true on 10, 11 Dec. 2005.
Specialty of the two-day festival was natural performances by veteran street magicians. Competitions were held to kindle there inherent talent. Hefty cash awards were given to winners whereas reasonable financial support was given to all participants.

Vismayam 2006
Decennial celebrations are not unusual. But if it’s of Asia’s first Magic Academy that practices, preaches and pursuits for and on behalf of only magic, 10th anniversary naturally grabs wider attention. Thus Magic Academy’s decennial celebration also left marvelous feels in the minds of 172 magicians who assemble on 13th May 2005 and the public who loved the art of magic from the depth of their hearts.
Specialty was that the celebration was confined to 10 hours and events went in precise succession according to the tick of the seconds’ needle. All the 172 magician delegates were honoured and the event was packed with spurring slots of competitions, performances and more.

Vismayam 2008
Vismayam 2008 is four-day global festival of magic slated on May 1st in Thiruvananthapuram with the grant support of Department of Tourism of Kerala. More than 500 magician delegates and great participation of International magicians make the event to success at peak and the charming moment for all magicians.

Maya 2010
The world’s first woman magicians’ meet will be held on 30th of May in Thiruvananthapuram by the Magic Academy. The Academy's main inspiration for going for such a unique event is simply the theme - Equal rights, equal opportunities: Progress for all – of this year’s International Women’s Day.

INDIAJaal 2011
The Academy in association with Department of Tourism and Public Relations Department of Kerala organised INDIAJaal, the country’s first national integration magic summit on 13, 14 and 15th August 2011. Magicians from Kashmir to Kanyakumari are assembled in Thiruvananthapuram and swayed their magic wands for sending a strong message against forces of anarchy and violence. The Curtain raiser programme of the convention colored in traditional code with India’s own street magic performance.

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