Hearty welcome to the cyber space of Asia's first Magic Academy! Established in 1996, the Magic Academy serves for the uplift of magic and magicians in the country. The Academy is nestled on the bosom of Thiruvananthapuram, the calm and cute capital city of the socially forward Indian State of Kerala, well known for its tourism sobriquet, God's own country. Upholding the torch of science, the Academy has been in the fore with activities to quell the evils of superstitions, fallacies and misconceptions that misguide the society.

The Academy has set admirable models of using magical art as a medium for mass communication. For the discerning candidates, the Academy offers a number of courses including the world’s first course in magical art supported by the mother University of Kerala.

The Academy beckons all magic fans to receive due shares of magical wisdom by joining its foresighted and diverse programmes. With a decade of altruistic service, now the Academy has become the only shelter for magicians from all over the country to assemble, debate and evolve solutions for their problems. In the social service front, the Academy’s services are conspicuous in the form of number of national and statewide programmes!

Magic Academy plays a key role in uplifting magic from the streets and elevating it to the level of an exciting form, at par with other performing arts. Here we march ahead untiringly and remain determined to carry magic to the limits of sky. We invite every magic fan to be part of this resolute mission. We provide solutions to every problem pertaining to the art of magic. Furthermore, any issue of the society is a matter of concern for us. We serve the society through the medium of magic, to the best of our ability.

India’s undeniable glory and heritage in the art of magic is world famous. To sustain this precious, the Academy has undertaken sincere efforts that include:

• Magic learning for fresh comers
• Oriented classes for magicians
• International magic conventions
• Assisting traditional street magicians
• Free accident and medical insurance for magicians
• Free magic equipments for financially incapable magicians
• Educational scholarships for magicians’ wards
• Annual awards for magicians
• Magic Club for bringing together magicians and their fans
• Sale of state-of the art magic wares

Visions bequeathed from the founder Patron, late Malayattur Ramakrishnan serve as a guiding light for this institution whereas present Patron, O.N.V. Kurup and Magician Gopinath Muthukad, Executive Director lead it through a progressive track of cultural missions.

Late. Malayatoor Ramakrishnan

Founder Patron

Jnanpith Shri. O.N.V. Kurup

Present Patron

Shri. Gopinath Muthukad

Executive Director

Chandrasenan Mithurmale

R. Raja Moorthy


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