Carmel International Publishing House

Carmel International Publishing House( CIPH) , incepted as a minor undertaking to make available Books on Carmelite Life and Spirituality in the year 1981, has grown to an International Publishing House of unparalleled renown. Along with Books on a wide variety of themes on Carmelite Life,Christian Theology and Spirituality and Books based on human and social themes Carmel International Publishing House is known for its unique publication of L’Osservatore Romano , the paper of the Pope. It was a unique privilege of CIPH to collaborate with the  citadel of Catholicism in the publication of this esteemed news weekly from 2002. Carmel International Publishing  is one of the only three centres ( others being Vatican and Maryland in USA) and the only one in Asia from where the English weekly edition of L’Osservatore Romano is published. From 2008, we are publishing the Malayalam Version of L’Osservatore Romanno, the only non-Latin script Edition of this official Bulletin of the Church, ever to be published in its 150 year old history.


How to subscribe to L’Osservatore Romano/ Order for our Books

Our Books are availble from  most of the Catholic distribution centres in India and abroad.   Besides, readers can subscribe to L’Osservatore Romano in English/ Malayalam and order for  books directly from our office at Trivandrum or online.



Carmel International Publishing House is owned by the Malabar Province of the Discalced Carmelite Priests(OCD), one of the ancient Religious Orders in the Church. The Provincial headquarters is situated at Trivandrum, Kerala, India.  Address: Mount Carmel Provincial House, Cotton Hill, Trivandrum- 695 014, Kerala, India.



Carmel International Publishing House functions with a clear vision and is motivated by a unique mission.We are committed to make the teachings of the Church available and affordable to everyone, thus to enhance the relationship between the Church and the faithful. Alongwith the official teachings of the Church published in L’Osservatore Romano, and other ecclasiastical studies the ready availability of an immense number of value-based books at an affordable rate will help even the modest individuals surpass in their knowledge. We commit ourselves to make one a better Christian and a better human being.





10. 01. 1981-   Inauguration of Carmel International  publishing House by the then
                         Governer of Kerala Smt.Jyothi Venkatachalam

01.01.2002 -  Publication of the English weekly Edition of L’Osservatore Romano for India.

03.07.2008 – Publication of the Malayalam Version of L’Osservatore Romano.